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We’ve updated the information in our Privacy Policy on how we use your personal data.

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Shopping guide


The perfect solution for those last-minute gifts. Valid at physical stores as well as the online store.

  1. What is a multi-brand gift card?

    It is a Gift Card (or e-Gift Card) bought in any brand of the Inditex Group (physical or online stores) that can be used as a payment method in any of the Inditex Group brand (physical or online stores).

  2. Where can I get and use a gift card?

    You can buy and use our gift cards at any Inditex group physical or online store: If you buy a physical gift card on the website, we will send it to the address you provide within the established delivery times.

    If you buy a virtual gift card, we will send it to the recipient by email on the day and time of your choice.

    To use a virtual gift card in the store, you can print it and present it in the store at the time of the payment or present the email directly from your mobile.

  3. How do I activate a virtual Gift Card purchased at

    During the purchase process of the virtual gift card, we will ask you for the recipient's mobile phone number. When the recipient receives the virtual card, in the same email, they will find a link to activate it. Just click on the link, enter the card number, CVV2 code and activation key. This activation key will be the last 4 digits of the mobile phone entered during the purchase.

    You can also activate it here.

  4. What happens if I lose my gift card?

    The Gift Card is a bearer document. Bershka will not replace the Card if it is stolen, lost or damaged.

  5. Check the balance of your card

    The balance of the Card may not be refunded or exchanged for cash, and the available balance will only increase if an item is returned that was paid for with the same Card. Consult the current balance and transactions of your gift card, whether physical or virtual (e-gift card) here.

  6. I have a Bershka gift card with only the Bershka logo. How do I know if it’s multi-brand?

    From the 16th of November all the valid Gift Cards from any brand of the Inditex Group are multi-brand, no matter if it has been bought before or after that date and if it has the sticker that shows it is multi-brand or not.

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