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Standard shipping

delivery costs $5.95

Between 3 and 7 business days
Except Hawaii and Alaska
between 4 - 14 working days

Please keep in mind that, depending on the origin of the items in your order, some delivery methods may be unavailable.

    During the sale or promotion period, some shipping methods may not be available.

  1. Where can I ship my order?

    To the work or home address you specify, though never to a post office box.

  2. Can the delivery market be different from the market where the purchase was made?

    No, the destination market must be the same as the market where the purchase was made

  3. When will I receive my order?

    The delivery times depend on the type of delivery:

    • Between 3 and 7 business days for standard delivery. Except Hawaii and Alaska where it may take up to 14 business days.

    *Actual delivery times and costs are subject to change.

  4. Can the delivery address be different from the billing address?

    Yes, during the payment process you may specify a delivery address other than the address used for registration.

  5. Can I check the status of my order?

    Yes, in the “My Account”, section, but we will also notify you via email/sms text message of any changes to the status of your orders.

    If you purchased your item as a guest and want to track your order, click here

  6. What messages will I receive regarding the status of my order?

    Order confirmation email at the moment of placing the order.
    Delivery confirmation email when your order leaves our warehouse for the destination you have specified.

    In the case of home delivery, you will receive an SMS text message from the shipping company notifying you of the date on which your order will arrive.

  7. What could be the status of my order?

    The various statuses that could apply to your order can be found in the “My account” section and are:

    • Approving: once your order has been completed, and while the information you have provided us is being processed.
    • Send: when the items have left our warehouse for the requested destination.
    • In transit: when the order is pending delivery by the carrier.
    • Delivered: final status indicating that the order has been delivered successfully.

    Canceled: Cancelation may result from:

    • Any issue with banking, delivery address or any type of fraud.
    • After 3 unsuccessful attempts to deliver goods by the carrier to the indicated delivery address.

    In the case of cancelations, the order amount will be refunded if any charges were made to your card.

  8. What if I'm not at the address indicated when the courier delivers the order?

    After a first delivery attempt, the courier will leave a confirmation note and will try to contact you to set a new delivery date. If you wish, you may also contact the courier after receiving said note. After another failed attempt, your order will be canceled and we will refund the amount.

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